It’s a big word. But what does it mean for you and your organisation?

Globally, we’re all trying to reduce our impact on the world around us.

Water and our use of it is an important element in how we can protect the environment, reduce waste and stay hydrated and healthy.

Scotland’s moving towards further carbon emission reductions to become net zero, with some really ambitious targets to meet.

Right now though, there are some very simple, sensible steps towards sustainability which everyone can take. And one of the simplest is just to re-imagine our relationship with water

We’re asking your organisation or business to Join the Wave and put water at the heart of your
sustainability strategy.

Making every drop of water count

Are your employees able to access cool, fresh tap water to drink and do they have reusable bottles?

Can visitors to your premises also top up from the tap?

Does your business have a garden area – can you collect rainwater to keep plants and flowers thriving?

What does your business do? Can you look at your processes or production to be more water efficient?

Do you have land which can be used as green spaces which absorb surface water naturally and can your employees use them to take ten minutes out of their busy days?

Before arriving at work have you reminded employees to think about their water use – taking showers, filling kettles, teeth-brushing. Every drop saved helps conserve a natural resource.

Can you offer visitors or customers the ability to top up from the tap on your premises?

What about before arriving at work – there are loads of ways to save water around the house, like turning off the tap while you brush your teeth and favouring showers over baths.

Sign up for our Join the Wave toolkit including:

  • Simple ideas for employee engagement
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  • Print-out posters to point people to top up taps on your premises
  • Simple sustainability hints and tips – beyond just water saving

There are potentially huge benefits for your business and employees in terms of sustainable living, and health and wellbeing.

With strong support from like-minded organisations and people across Scotland, our ‘Top Up from the Tap’ programme has made – and will continue to make – a huge impact.

Join the Wave – tell us what you’re team is doing to make a difference?