Water is always worth saving


Take 2 minutes off your shower and save £130 a year on your energy bill. *

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Our climate is changing. In the future, we can expect to see more variable and extreme weather patterns than in the past. There is only so much water we can abstract and store from our water sources. So it’s important that we manage our water carefully all year. The link between energy, net zero and water is often overlooked. However, by reducing water abstraction, we will reduce carbon emissions. It takes energy to purify water and pump it across Scotland’s 33,300 miles of pipes. That’s why saving water is always a good idea.

Help us help you. Help protect this precious resource. There’s loads of things we can all do to save water all year round, which is good for the planet and your pocket.

*HES Oct 2022


How Tourism businesses and tourists can be water-savvy travellers

Scotland is a welcoming place, all year round. With May-October offering kinder weather, some rural places see a big spike in visitors to look after in summer. Here’s some hints and tips for you business to help save water in dry spells.

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