8 reasons water is worth every penny


Whether you’re face washing, shower or shaving, tea making for head clearing – when you turn on your tap, Scotland’s precious natural resource flows directly into your life. Impossible to imagine life without it really. And – the average cost per household is just £1 per day.


Hydration is super vital. Good skin, shiny eyes, glossy hair can all be improved by drinking plenty of water. But the benefits of good hydration aren’t only skin deep – concentration, healthy digestion, heart, muscles, better sleep patterns, detoxing, weight loss – are all benefits of drinking plenty of Scotland’s fresh, clear water.


No-one wants to think about what happens once you flush the loo, it all just disappears somewhere – right? Scottish Water works 24/7 365 days a year to keep it that way. We operate 2,000 water and waste water treatment works and manage over 60,000 miles of water pipes and sewers to deliver this vital service. All included in the average household cost of around £1 per day.


88% of people in Scotland say that Scottish water is world class. On average, Scottish Water carry out 1 quality test every 2 minutes on the water we supply to your taps. The only question is – what’s wrong with the other 12% of people in Scotland??


Scottish Water works with Scottish Swimming to encourage Scotland’s young people to Learn to Swim. So far, 108,000 children have taken part in our Learn to Swim programme.


Scottish Water has over 300 reservoirs across Scotland, places of natural beauty that we care for and encourage wildlife to thrive. And of course, some of our reservoirs are great places to visit and enjoy a walk and a chat with our Reservoir Rangers. All we ask is you take care as water can be exceptionally cold, even on warm days. So best enjoyed from the shore.


Doing all this means we are kept busy. We employ about 4500 people in Scotland doing a variety of jobs; water treatment, science and sustainability, construction and engineering, marketing and communications, law and finance – a huge range. And because our customers are across the entire country, so are our People.


There are moments in life that are truly taken for granted, so simple, so calming. That cup of tea after a tough day, when you eventually get some ‘me time’. That coffee and catch up with a friend to share a laugh or a cry with. That much needed glug of a glass of water when you’ve been running or generally active. The splash on your face to wake you ready for the day ahead… whatever your moment is, water will not be far away