Your Water Your Life

Imagine a day without water. No coffee in the morning. No shower. No toilet flushed. Clothes, dishes and kids, all unwashed. No soup made or pasta boiled. Not even a glass of cool fresh clear tap water. It’s easy to take for granted, but water plays an important role in all our lives.



If we want to have our wits about us, we’ve got to stay hydrated. Brain cells need a delicate balance of water and electrolytes to function. So, when we’re dehydrated our ability to think clearly is affected. Our attention span is reduced and short term memory function can be impaired. Recent studies have shown that even a 1-2% decline can impair cognitive abilities including a person’s concentration, concept learning, critical thinking, memory, motivation and mood.

Improved physical performance – water loss during exercise is inevitable. How much will depend on the intensity and duration, meaning how hard your body has to work to regulate your temperature and keep blood flowing to your muscles.



Most people in Scotland use about 181 litres of Scottish Water daily. If that sounds like a lot, then it is! There isn’t an endless supply of this precious resource, which is why we need to save as much of it as we can. By saving water, you’re helping to reduce you carbon footprint. That’s because heating water accounts for 5% of UK carbon emissions. Using less energy also reduces your bills. So, saving water is good for your pocket and the planet.

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We’ve all seen how Scotland’s climate is changing. Heavy rains can overwhelm sewers, especially if they’re choked with wet wipes. This causes sewage to spill out into our rivers, communities and seas. Wipes cause 80% of sewer blockages and cost millions to clear. To combat this, Scottish Water’s ‘Nature Calls’ campaign is calling on everyone to bin wipes, period products and bathroom and kitchen waste. By acting together, we can turn the tide and help protect our beautiful landscapes and sealife.



It’s not just plastic wipes that pose a threat to the planet. Plastic bottles do too. But thanks to our growing network of Top Up Taps, more and more people are taking a refillable bottle with them when they go out. There are now over 100 locations in Scotland where you can top-up from the tap when you’re out on the go. You’ll be doing your bit for the environment as well as staying healthy and hydrated. It’s your water, it’s your life. Don’t waste it.

Water is a truly life-giving, precious, natural resource. Whilst in Scotland it seems plentiful, it’s still vital to appreciate and look after our waterways and reservoirs. From source to tap to waste management – we can all play a part to protect our natural environment and make a difference.