Scottish Caravan, Motorhome and Holiday Home Show

Come and see us this week at the SECC!

From February 1st til February 4th, Scottish Water will be at the Scottish Caravan, Motorhome and Holiday Home Show as the official sponsor with a brand new customer experience.

While we chat to you about all things water-related when touring in Scotland, you can immerse yourself in our interactive exhibit which demonstrates water safety and responsible waste disposal of caravan kitchen and bathroom waste. Especially as we approach spring and temperatures creep up, taking a weekend break in the great outdoors sounds a treat, so to ensure you stay safe around water, our helpful reservoir rangers will be there to get you prepared.

Our customers know that water is always worth saving, so visiting our exhibit tells you how to do just that. From household to outdoor habits, our friendly team are excited to tell you which changes you can make to protect Scotland’s precious natural resource.

Scottish Water is also proud to have a sustainable display which contributes to our journey to net zero! Of our exhibit, 20% of the print is recycled from a previous event, all AV is hired in order to reduce waste, and all bespoke scenic items will be re-used at future events. We’ve also scheduled transport to and from the event, minimising environmental impact on the road by 60%.

We want to help protect our planet and your pocket, so come and find us at the SECC this week – you can buy tickets here.

(P.S., kids go free!)