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Scotland now has dozens of Top Up Taps ready to keep you hydrated when you’re out and about.

Scottish Water’s new network of hi-tech public water fountains has already saved the equivalent of over 350,000 single-use plastic bottles. We estimate that the way Scotland has switched to refillable water bottles has probably saved around 10 million plastic water bottles.

Many of these plastic bottles would have ended up as litter in our landscape, in our rivers and on our seashores – so a bit ‘thank you’ for joining the wave to make Scotland a more cleaner, greener place to be.

If you’d like to keep up with the latest news and views from Scottish Water, fill in the form opposite. You’ll enjoy a quick hit of refreshing information:

  • Great tips on health and hydration
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In the meantime, please read our policy on how we intend to use your information. We think it’s important to keep our communication as transparent as the water you enjoy straight from the tap.


Did you know that our dozens of Top Up Taps saved the equivalent of more than 350,000 single-use plastic bottles?

But that’s just the start. We’re rolling out more Top Up Taps across the nation. And we’re asking everyone to join us in using water more wisely.

Just fill in your information, and we’ll send you a reusable water bottle in the mail. It’ll help you stay hydrated and help us protect our waterways.

We’ll also deliver the latest Scottish Water updates right to your inbox.

We know that data protection isn’t as exciting as knowing the length of our pipe networks. (It’s over 60,000 miles.)

But please make sure to read our policy about how we intend to use your data. 

We think it’s important to keep our communication just as transparent as Scotland’s precious natural resource, our delicious tap water.

Only available to customers/household with a Scottish postcode and while stocks last.