Water Way To Start Your Holiday


A new initiative aims to encourage travellers to empty their refillable bottle before security ready to top up from the tap in the airport’s departure area.

Scottish Water has teamed up with the airport, the busiest in Scotland, to promote the use of refillable bottles and highlight how being hydrated when you fly is good for your health, for your pocket and for the environment.

Together, they are urging people to take a refillable bottle to the airport and top up with fresh, clean Scottish Water at the tap situated just outside the main Duty Free shop after security.  Passengers are also being reminded there is an area before security where they can empty reusable bottles before refilling on the other side.

Douglas Millican, Chief Executive of Scottish Water, said:

We are very proud of our clear great-tasting water – and know our customers are too. We often hear how one of the thing people miss when they travel abroad is the taste of the water they get back home in Scotland.”

This refill tap at Edinburgh Airport lets people fill up before heading onto their flights to take a piece of Scotland away with them. We are encouraging travellers heading to the Capital’s airport to bring a refillable bottle and simply fill up from the tap with one of the country’s best-loved products – our nation’s tap water. Not only does it taste good, it is free and easy to top-up.

From today passengers will see images of a large blue refill bottles at both the empty area and refill tap.

Gordon Dewar, Chief Executive of Edinburgh Airport, said:

We’re very aware of the issue of single use plastics and the need for all of us to play our part in reducing their usage. We actively encourage our passengers to bring their reusable bottles and top up from our free refill points because it’s the right thing to do.

There’s the added bonus of having that last little bit of Scotland with them as they head home or off on holiday, knowing they’ve had their thirst for Scotland quenched in more ways than one.

Alex Cole-Hamilton, MSP for Edinburgh Western, welcomed the drive to urge more people to drink tap water and carry reusable water bottles. He said:

This is a great initiative. Our oceans are filling with plastic so any innovation which encourages people to reuse and recycle existing plastic is very welcome. Even small changes like this can help to shift culture and end single use plastics once and for all.

VisitScotland also backed the campaign with the organisation’s Industry Sustainability Manager, Janie Neumann, saying: “Scotland’s unique natural environment is the number one reason why people visit our beautiful country. This is a fantastic initiative from Edinburgh Airport and Scottish Water that will allow visitors to combine their desire to explore Scotland with the opportunity to reduce their plastic waste, contributing to efforts to make our country a sustainable destination.

Visitors will also be able to soak up that last drop of natural water before returning home. With the Year of Coasts & Waters just around the corner in 2020, it may inspire more organisations to introduce their own initiatives celebrating this wonderful natural asset.

When flying, the NHS recommend everyone increases their water intake ahead of and during flights. Humidity drops significantly in a plane meaning moisture evaporates from the body quickly which can lead dehydration.

Ruth Lewis, Nutritional Therapist at New You Edinburgh, said:

Air travel can leave us particularly dehydrated as a result of dry air on airplanes, lack of sleep and consuming caffeine and alcohol. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is associated with flying and it is thought the risk increases in part due to dehydration. Keeping hydrated may also reduce jetlag. Therefore, it’s a good idea to make an extra effort to drink plenty of water while flying.

Scottish Water and Edinburgh Airport aim to continue to remind passengers to bring their refillable bottles on every journey, making travel a more pleasant experience and reducing waste and recycling.

Scottish Water started its Your Water Your Life campaign last June. It highlights the benefits of topping up with fresh, great-tasting tap water – it’s good for the planet, your pocket, and your health.

Edinburgh Airport has just recorded another record-breaking month with its passenger total soaring to 1,106,998 – the first time it has topped one million in March.

For more information contact Scottish Water Press Office on 0131 445682

To find out more go to the Edinburgh Airport website.