What is the value of water?


Washed, cooked, quenched, showered; our whole nation is water powered…

But what does that really mean?

Picture your morning routine – you wake up, wash your face, boil the kettle for a cuppa, put on clean clothes, brush your teeth… Imagine trying to do any of that without cool, fresh water. We all know that water is a part of daily life, but have you ever thought about how often you use it, or how vital it really is?

Every flush of the toilet, wash of hands, and spin of the washing machine contributes to our water usage. Imagining a day without water is difficult, because it literally powers everything we do. Keeping ourselves hydrated improves mental clarity and physical activity, it cools us down or heats us up when we need it most. It helps keep our furry friends refreshed and our gardens flourishing. It even saves lives – truly, it does. From surgeons and dentists to fire fighters and farmers, millions of people value water as an integral part of their jobs.

So, as we face a changing climate and water becomes more difficult to extract, we must appreciate and protect Scotland’s precious natural resource more than ever. Try taking just two minutes off of your shower, turning off the tap when you brush your teeth, or install a water butt in your garden? Home alone? Do you have to flush every time… this topic divides the nation!

Follow these five simple steps and join the wave – it’s your water, your life.