5 simple steps to save water


Here in Scotland, the average person uses 181 litres of water per day. You might think you only use what you need, but our neighbours across the UK only use around 140 litres per day – that means the people of Scotland are using up to 40 litres more!

While it might rain a lot here, there is still a need to screen, filter, purify and test to carry our world class water from source to your tap. With a rapidly changing climate, our environment needs to be looked after more than ever. So, to play your owners part in protecting nature and Scotland’s precious natural resource, follow these top tips:

Take shorter showers – Did you know that by taking just two minutes off of your shower, you can save water AND save money on your energy bills? For the average family of four, you’ll save £130 annually.

Fix your leaky loos – A leaking toilet can waste up to 400 litres of water per day, so make sure to call an approved plumber when you spot any problems.

Keep your garden green – By installing a water butt, you can keep the environment and your plants happy, using rainwater instead of drinking water from the tap. A small Scottish roof collects over 45,000 litres of water per year, more than enough to keep your greenspace flourishing. This simple step means you can also opt for a watering can over a garden hose, which 1000 litres of water an hour!

Only boil what you need – Making a cuppa for one? By only boiling the water you need for one mug, you’ll save water, energy, and time.

Be careful when you brush – Cleaning your teeth with the tap running wastes 5 litres of cool, fresh, and precious water every minute. Turn off the tap and use water wisely.