Tea Blend Brews A Perfect Cuppa With Scotland's Tap Water

As lockdown starts to lift, Scottish Water and a leading tea maker have teamed up to encourage the nation to make time for a perfect cuppa with family and friends.

Edinburgh-based independent whole leaf tea company Eteaket has created a new blend designed to be enhanced by the qualities of the country’s soft tap water.

The company has joined the wave in supporting Scottish Water’s Your Water Your Life campaign, to celebrate our natural resource by reconnecting over a cuppa.

The collaboration has launched #CuppaTeaWithMe encouraging the country’s tea-drinkers to think about the person they’d most like to share a cuppa with as lockdown restrictions ease, share and tag them through social media. Although a virtual chat and a cuppa at the moment, hopefully we will reunite with wider friends and family in the near future.

People in Scotland drink more tea than elsewhere in the UK, which has increased to and average five cups per day from three during lockdown.*. Having a cuppa is synonymous with taking a breather, stepping back from the day and having a mindful moment of calm.

The unique loose-leaf tea has been inspired by combining our nation’s water with ancient traditional ingredients which can maximise the benefits of a soothing brew.

Eteaket’s blend – named “Keep the Heid” – is a new take on a traditional black tea with Assam and Darjeeling carefully blended with floral heather and delicate Scottish meadowsweet to create a rich flavour which comes alive in the softness of Scotland’s tap water.

Brian Lironi, Director of Corporate Affairs at Scottish Water, said: “Whenever there is a crisis or the need to take comfort, you always think of making a cup of tea.

“Throughout the lockdown our priority has been to keep our customers water supplies running and to ensure they have water at their taps to use throughout the day.

“I’m sure there have been millions of cups of tea made over the time we have been in lockdown – so we’re glad to have played our part in that. We always encourage customers to only boil the water they need – it saves on energy which saves their pockets and of course saves Scotland’s precious natural resource.”

“But now we are starting to see restrictions lift, it seems the perfect time to look to connect with people we have missed seeing and to encourage everyone to embrace a #CuppaTeaWithMe. And what better way to do that than with a tea that has been blended to perfectly complement Scotland’s renowned tap water.”

“And of course, anyone can still support #CuppaTeaWithMe with whatever is their favourite cuppa choice – and be sure of a great brew – thanks as always to our great tasting water.”

Erica Moore, Founder and MD of Edinburgh-based eteaket, said they chose heather flowers and meadowsweet as both herbs are traditionally native to Scotland and don’t overpower the black tea.

She said: “I think it’s important to have a blend that is not too far removed from a ‘normal’ breakfast tea but with a nod to Scotland.

“The softness of Scottish water draws out the balance of subtle flavours in this exceptional blend of Assam and Darjeeling, sprinkled with heather and delicate meadowsweet.

“Heather flowers are reportedly traditionally brewed in an attempt to cleanse toxins from organs and relieve inflammatory pains and meadowsweet was held sacred by Celtic druids and is also reported to possibly have pain relieving properties – although obviously we can’t guarantee this tea will have health benefits.

“We are really pleased that at least 50% of the meadowsweet in this blend comes from a stunning tea garden in Scotland called Windy Hollow.

“We’re really excited at what we have created and love the idea that tea can play a big part in making us feel better as the lockdown restrictions lift.

“At eteaket we’ve always recognised the benefits of tea – and the routine of making tea – to help with our mental health.”

Scotland’s world-famous soft tap water has less than 60mg of calcium per litre and is widely regarded as better for brewing tea than hard water. Scotland water in particular has less calcium and a lower mineral content which makes for a more refined cup of tea, and allows the more subtle and delicate flavours in a blend to come through.

Aromatics also tend to dissolve more easily in soft water, largely because there is less limescale. This allows the delicate Darjeeling notes to shine through, without being overpowered by the deeper Assam taste – further layered by the subtle, floral heather balancing with the almond flavour of meadowsweet.


More on the Cuppa Tea with Me campaign

The blend has had an exclusive first tea tasting with a group of 12 of Scottish Water’s ‘Tea Tasters’, who have all given the blend a thumbs up.

The ‘Keep the Heid’ Limited Edition tea will be available to buy online at www.eteaket.co.uk/shop/keep-the-heid/ from 01 July 2020, at £7.95 for 100g.

Scottish Water’s Your Water Your Life campaign aims to encourage people to top up from the tap to benefit the planet, their health and their pocket. To celebrate our precious, natural resource.

Last year, the ‘Your Water Your Life’ campaign hit a significant milestone as they celebrated Scottish tap water becoming the first in the world to gain international approval for keeping teeth healthy.

Clear, fresh drinking water is known to help boost concentration levels with Scottish Water delivering more than one billion litres of water a day to customers.

NHS Choices recommend drinking six to eight glasses of water per day while people often mistake hunger for being thirsty, which means drinking water can help weight loss. Tea is often heralded as another healthy way to stay hydrated.

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