South Harbour Road, Fraserburgh

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CLOSED - Please be aware this tap is wrapped for the winter.

Brrr! During colder months, some of our taps are in need of a little snuggle! You’ll see we’ve wrapped your local tap.

Pipes in your property also need protecting. For help and  advice please check out our Be Winter Wise campaign.



Fraserburgh’s Award Winning Beach stretches for miles backed by golden sand dunes and located where the Moray Firth meets the North Sea. The waters off Fraserburgh’s beach are perfect for watersports with surfing and paddling boarding a must. From the beach you can see the bustling Fraserburgh Harbour and the Kinnaird Head Castle Lighthouse on the skyline.

Read about the launch of the Top Up Tap in Fraserburgh on the Scottish Water website.

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