Just Add Water

We know that wipes are very convenient, and in some cases vital (NHS, care sector, etc.). But we also know that single use products are bad for the environment. It is always better to reuse if you can.

Sometimes the old ways are the best. We might have flinched when granny approached our mucky faces as children with a wet flannel, but granny was the smart one, saving money and the planet before we could spell ozone layer. Thankfully today, there are numerous face cloths available to suit the most sensitive of skin.

Besides, who wants to wipe their face with a plastic wipe filled with chemicals, anyway?

So, how about investing in a reusable face cloth (or flannel) to use time and time again, good for your pocket, the planet and your pipes.

In recent years there has been an increase in reusable facecloths and cleansing face mitts on the market. These new products are made of natural materials ranging from organic cotton to bamboo. Pair one of these with your favourite cleansing lotion, then… just add water.