Could your organisation waste less?

Are employees encouraged to top up from the tap – supplied with reusable bottles and with easy access to cool, fresh tap water?

Does your workplace have a garden area – could you collect rainwater to reuse in the summer months when plant pots need an extra boost?

What does your business do? Can you look at your processes or production to be more water efficient?

Can you offer visitors or customers the ability to top up from the tap on your premises?

Do you have land that could be turned into green space, allowing water to be absorbed naturally AND offering your staff a calm outdoor area to take ten minutes away from their busy day?

What about before arriving at work – there are loads of ways to save water around the house, like turning off the tap while you brush your teeth and favouring showers over baths.

Look who’s joined the wave

Fairmont St Andrews was one of the first organisations to Join the Wave.

In 2018, it replaced disposable water bottles in its 212 guest rooms with specially designed refillable glass bottles – a move that will see a saving of over 55,000 plastic bottles per year.

The hotel, which is committed to ensuring efficient use of resources through its Green Tourism programme, has become the latest company to back Scottish Water’s Your Water Your Life campaign.

The campaign is encouraging people to make tap the first choice for Scotland’s water drinkers, highlighting how topping up from the tap can benefit their health, their pocket and the environment.

John Keating, general manager, Fairmont St Andrews said: “We are very excited about this new partnership with Scottish Water. It’s very important to us and supports the resort’s sustainability values.

“In addition to eradicating plastic bottles we will be installing three water fountains around the resort making it much easier for guests to top up with their own water bottles.

“I am so proud of all the colleagues at the Hotel who are embracing this new initiative, and their dedication to green tourism.”

Right now though, there are some very simple, sensible steps towards sustainability which everyone can take. And one of the simplest is just to re-imagine our relationship with water.

We’re asking your organisation or business to Join the Wave and put water at the heart of your sustainability strategy.