Homemade Gunk Pots

Please remember to never pour fats, oil and grease (FOG) down the sink. Once it cools, it thickens and clogs up pipes, causing nasty sewer flooding. No one wants that!

So, the question is what should you do with leftover FOG?

Often oil from cooking can be re-used at least once, saving you some money, and every penny counts these days.

However when it’s time to part company with your leftover FOG here’s a hack that’s good for your pocket, the planet and your pipes.


Make your own gunk pot:

If you don’t have a spare container, or glass jar to store leftover FOG, why not try making your own gunk pot! These handy homemade vessels will save you money and they are ego friendly too. Win win.

Step 1.

Find some old newspaper and rip into sheets, roughly the size of A4 paper, or 30cm long by around 15cm wide. You will need about 5 or 6 of these to make one gunk pot.

Step 2.

Take a large glass and roll one of the sheets around the glass, leaving about 5cm at the bottom. Once wrapped around the glass, fold over the excess paper at the bottom. Repeat for each sheet. Sellotape the final sheet to secure, then hey presto, you have your very own gunk pot.

Step 3.

Remove the glass from the gunk pot. For added safety (in case of spillages), grab an old mug that you don’t use often, or a small plant pot. Place your paper gunk pot into the old mug and keep by the sink as a reminder to never slop FOG down the plug hole.

Step 4.

After cooking, if you can’t reuse the leftover FOG, pour it into the gunk pot. Remember to give your pan a quick wipe with kitchen roll before washing up. The same gunk pot can be used for several weeks. Once full, and the FOG has cooled and hardened, carefully remove the paper gunk pot from the mug and throw into the bin. Repeat step one and you will have a sustainable supply of gunk pots.