Bathroom Bins

We surveyed 1,000 people in Scotland and were surprised to find that 380 of those people do not own a bathroom bin!

So, in the spirit of sharing is caring, we have been looking into what is out there.

Remember, your toilet is not a bin, only the 3Ps should be going down the toilet (paper, pee and poo). So, if you don’t have a bathroom bin, where are you putting everything else?

Nature calls – it’s time to act.

There are so many options to suit any home and any bathroom. You just need to do a little research to find the best option for you.

Here is just a selection for inspiration:

  1. Swing top bin
    Easy access and the lid swings closed to keep odours locked inside.
  2. Pedal bin
    Easy access and hygienic option, foot pedal opens the lid, so your hand doesn’t need to touch it. Lid keeps odours locked away.
  3. Touch bin
    Soft press for easy open. Or electronic sensor for the touchless hygienic option. Lid keeps odours locked away.
  4. Recycling bin
    A good option for the environmentally conscious. Compartments to separate recyclables from general waste.
  5. Open wastepaper basket
    Simple and easy option. Handy to simply throw rubbish into. No lid does mean odours can escape.