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“The use and disposal of plastic waste is a huge international problem. But small actions can make a big difference, and everyone has a part to play. The simple action of ditching disposable bottles can help protect Scotland’s nature for generations to come.  That’s why Scottish Water’s campaign makes perfect sense to us – when you have fantastic quality water literally ‘on tap’, there’s no need for disposable plastics.”

Francesca Osowska – Scottish Natural Heritage Chief Executive 

“This is a great initiative that can help cut waste by encouraging people to refill their drinks bottles. Scotland has set ambitious targets for recycling and tackling our throwaway culture, but there’s still around 15,000 tonnes of plastic drinks bottles sent to landfill a year, as well as an estimated 20 million bottles dropped as litter.  We’re designing a new deposit return scheme which could see around nine out of ten bottles being recycled, but refilling drinks bottles is something people can do right now which will cut waste, reduce the use of raw materials, help tackle climate change – and save them some money in the process.”

Iain Gulland – Chief Executive of Zero Waste Scotland

“We’re delighted to back Scottish Water’s campaign, and hope it will go some way to help reduce the amount of plastic waste we see in Scotland. I’m particularly pleased to see references to the importance of protecting our natural environment.  Plastic litter is a real issue and one for which we all need to take responsibility. Tons of plastic bottles are littered in Scotland annually so this campaign can go a long way to help address that. And there is no doubt that choosing to fill up a reusable bottle from the tap is also an important step that allows us all to live more sustainably.”

Derek Robertson – Chief Executive of Keep Scotland Beautiful